Towards a Conceptual Zone for Collaborative Inquiry
Abstraction operations for establishing a collaborative zone of inquiry

We have performed three prior operations of abstraction:
1. Cases --> Objects
2. Objects --> Problems
3. Problems --> Concept terms

Now, we are laying out the concept terms so as to give candidate parameters for the ground of the collaborative zone of composition. We are asking: how to operationalize that zone of inquiry?

Concept terms to be parameterized


i. a fact or circumstance that bounds how something is done or what can be done;

ii. a variable value that, when it changes, gives another different but related mathematical expression from a limited series of such expressions."


Philosophic parameters requisite for a contemporary pragmatic anthropology

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Types of Operator

  • Plane
  • Venue
  • Temporality
  • Signification
  • Conceptual Persona
  • Narrative moods
Composition: Pragmatic deduction

What are the pragmatic deduction operations (parameters having been operationalized) for composition on a plane of immanence for collaborative inquiry?