Contemporary Lacuna: Objects
Three objects

In this Studio we are bringing together three objects: drawn from three distinct inquiries. We bring them together in an experimental mode in order to develop a broader frame in which to think about the actual interconnection of these objects, so as to better specify a collaborative work space for the conceptual interconnection of problems.

Object 1: beautification practices & accentuation aesthetics


Object 2: Gesture in Dying

Gesture in DyingGesture in Dying

Object 3: Late Style

Late StyleLate Style


It is not the “factual” interconnection of “things”, but rather the conceptual interconnection of problems, which forms the basis for zones of inquiry. A new "science" emerges where new problems are pursued by new methods and truths are thereby discerned which open up significant standpoints.

-- Max Weber



  Nicht die »sachlichen« Zusammenhänge der »Dinge«, sondern die gedanklichen Zusammenhänge der Probleme liegen den Arbeitsgebieten der Wissenschaften zugrunde: wo mit neuer Methode einem neuen Problem nachgegangen wird und dadurch Wahrheiten entdeckt werden, welche neue bedeutsame Gesichtspunkte eröffnen, da entsteht eine neue »Wissenschaft«.

Configuration of Object 1

Pimp | Sex Worker | Client

Bios: Politics (feminism)

Configuration of Object 2

Facilitator | Accompanier | Accompanied

Configuration of Object 3

The Creator | Determinations | The Work

Betrachtung (Dynamics)

Attend to the dynamics of Betrachtung.

Attend to dynamics of association / dissociation and intensification / dispersion in the assemblage of relationalities (topics and categories of persons and things) within these practices.

Such dynamics may be parameterized by variable intensities of affect, subjectivation, jurisdiction and veridiction.

Attend to dynamics of the open set present-actual-contemporary