Toward a Contemporary Anthropology with Pragmatic Intent
1. Proleptic Categories

Problem: How can one prepare to take up a reflective relation to the actual in a contemporary manner?

Paraskeue: Attend to these categories:

1. Withering of Critique

2. Minor Vices and Virtues

3. Government of Self and Others

Categories: "category should be used by no-one who is not prepared to state (1) that he does not mean class, & (2) that he knows the difference between the two .... [Fowler, Modern English Usage]"

"verbal noun from kategorein "to speak against; to accuse, assert, predicate," to declaim (in the assembly). 

2. Parameterized Series (Equipmental Operators)

Problem: How to proceed towards rendering visible a contemporary topology? 

Paraskeue: Attend to these parameterized series:

1. Series: Episode | Event | Kairos

1.a. Heed: Breakdown | Problem identification | Practical judgments

2. Series: Excess | Mean | Deficiency

2.a. Heed: This series takes up [lepsis] practices in a situation relative to an ethical standard [horos].

3. Series: Force | Politics | Power

3.a. Heed variable values (Economy | Viscosity | Strategy) and their ratios (Animation/Governance |  Rhizomic/Channeled | Propensity/Capacity) 

4. Series: Observers | Observing | Observers (Betrachtung)

4.a. Heed: Observers' observations (1st and 2nd order), Participants' observations (1st and 2nd order), Second-order observations of both (1st and 2nd order).

5. Series: Lepsis | Metalepsis | Syndialepsis

5.a. Heed: Mood (of Intercession) and Mode (Tragedy | Irony  |  Comedy | Pathos)

Parameter: a fact or circumstance that restricts how something is done or what can be done; a variable value that, when it changes, gives another different but related expression from a limited series of such expressions.

Syndialepsis: The doing or undertaking of scientific and intellectual research, together with others, i.e., the work requisite to move through the actual to the contemporary. 

3. Moving Ratios (Equipmental Topics)

Problem: How to articulate the moving ratio of the Modern and the Contemporary through the topical series:  subjectivation, veridiction, jurisdiction, affect?

Paraskeue: Attend to topics and ratios. 

Equipmental Ratios and Topics 

a. (Ethos): Restive Recalcitrance | Heroic Irony

a.i.(Subjectivation): Vindication | Self-justification 

b. (Logos): Discernment | Determination 

b.i. (Veridiction): Warranted Assertibility | Theory 

c. (Dynamis): Ergon |  Productivity

c.i. (Jurisdiction): Affordance | Control 

d.  (Pathos): Sozein | Hyper-active pessimism 

d.i. (Affect): Melete [attention, care,meditation]  | Method (Methodical way of life) 

Topics: "a class of considerations from which probable arguments can be drawn," singular form of "Topics" (1560s).