Bios: Schemata
Paul Rabinow
Anthony Stavrianakis
Schema: Ideal type

"An ideal type is formed by the one-sided accentuation of one or more points of view and by the synthesis of a great many diffuse, discrete, more or less present and occasionally absent concrete individual phenomena, which are arranged according to those onesidedly emphasized viewpoints into a unified analytical construct [Gedankenbild]."

Max Weber, The methodology of the social sciences (Edward A. Shils & Henry A. Finch, Trans. & Eds.; foreword by Shils). New York: Free Press, 1997 (1903-1917). p.90.

Determinations of Bios-Technē
Bios Deficiency   Mean  Excess 
Objects     Unit

 Adapted / Selected Capacities 

Mode   Zoe   Pragmatic Reduction    System 
Determinations of Bios-Logos
Bios Deficiency   Mean  Excess 
Objects     Discrete Values/Ideas 

 Discrete Forms  


Mode    Technical Criticsm   Warranted Assertibility    Vision