We recall what Foucault drew out from Baudelaire's reflection on and characterization of Constantin Guys as the painter of modern life, his close attention to the depravity of the human animal combined with the maxim, "you have no right to despise the present."

At the funeral of Stephane Charbonnier, one of the murdered satirists of Charlie Hebdo, his colleague, fellow satirist Luz, finished his eulogy with a maxim, that follows in the tradition of Baudelaire. Talking of what "Charb" would have drawn in the week after his own murder, with observations at once satirical, cutting and heartfelt, about the crowds, the political mobilization around Charlie Hebdo, and the ever present danger of false unity in their name, Luz ended by saying: "Pour dessiner les cons il faut être très précis" (to draw fools you must be very precise).